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A visit to Ethiopia with Solomon Berhe Tours will be a uniquely enriching experience.

Ethiopia is the only African country never to be colonized, with a rich heritage of it's own culture and history. Spectacular scenery, a rich ethnic diversity, a wonderful climate, the friendliness and hospitality of the Ethiopians all contribute to Ethiopia's reputation as the hidden gem in the Horn of Africa.

This page contains details of some of our package tours and itineraries.

Come trekking in the Simien Mountains. Face the challenge of climbing Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia at 4546m. Enjoy the spectacular landscape of the most beautiful mountain range in Africa with deep gorges, volcanic cores and stunning precipices.

Protected by The Simien National Park, the area is home to a variety of endemic plants and animals.

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Visit Axum, Ethiopia's ancient capital of the Axumites. Marvel at the stone obelisks, over 30 metres high and more than 2000 years old. Explore the many and varied historic sites. Travel to Lalibela to gaze in awe at the famous 12th Century rock hewn churches, a wonder of the Modern World and now a Unesco World heritage Site.

Enjoy the wonders of the Royal Compound in Gondar, another ancient Capital of the past Kings of Ethiopia. Visit the Chuch of The Holy Trinity known as Debre Berhan Selassie. It is one of the highlights of a trip to Gondar and famous for the painted murals and ceiling.

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Follow the route taken by General Napier in 1868 from Mekele via Lake Hashengie to Magdala. A stunning flat topped plateau or Amba about 3000m high. The site of a famous battle between General Napier and King Teodros. Travelling through beautiful, remote areas, it's like trekking back into the past. Each night we camp at the campsites used by the army all those years ago. The terrain is challenging but the friendliness of the local people is certain.

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With the help of our professional Bird Guide, discover over 400 different species of birdlife, including 17 endemics, whilst enjoying other endemic flora and wildlife. A Birding Holiday in Ethiopia is a guaranteed success with so many areas teeming with birdlife.

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Follow a stunning journey through the Rift Valley to the tribal Areas of the South, where there is a chance to meet many different tribes, explore their villages and enjoy the landscape so different from the North.

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Face the challenge of visiting the lowest point on Earth with a trip to The Danakil Depression in the Afar Tribal Area. Stunning desert scenery, accompanying the Salt Caravanto Mekele and a Live Volcano make this choice a unique experience.
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Explore the best kept secrets of Tigray. Not as imposing architecturally as the Rock hewn Churches of Lalibela. Their positions, often hugging the tops of mountainous outcrops, towering nearly 2500 metres above the plains more than make up for this.

In the main, the more remote examples are little visited by comparison with those at Lalibela and have an aura of their own, a wonderful solitude where one can easily forget the frantic pace of life.

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Highland Coffees is an old friend of Solomon Berhe Tours. We too have an interest in the flora of Ethiopia. We buy and roast the best of Ethiopia's Arabica coffee and wish to see the coffee bearing forests protected.
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