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Testimonial from David Hartwell (Minneapolis, USA)

My wife and I decided we would like to arrange a trip to Ethiopia in 2004, primarily focused on birdwatching. I undertook a web search and found Solomon's web page during that search. I e-mailed him and other companies that claimed to offer travel services in Ethiopia an inquiry with some questions. I quickly found that he was far and above the most knowledgeable of the responses I did receive.

We eventually decided to engage him for a 3 week private trip, entirely based on e-mail conversations. We are generally adventure minded but it is always a bit unsettling to show up in a place you are not familiar with at all and just hope that the arrangements you have made and paid for will be what you expect.

Whatever fears we had were totally unfounded. We were met at the airport and had an experience that was everything we expected. The arrangements were what were promised, as were the attention to our expectations. Solomon is a great traveling companion, a great locator of birds as well as organizing an exceptional experience.

We identified an amazing 409 species of birds on our three week trip as well as a number of animals including the extremely endangered and endemic Abyssinian Wolf.

We would have no reservations about recommending Solomon and his organization to anyone wanting to travel to Ethiopia. If you have any questions or want additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Testimonial from Bill Stern (Yorkshire, England)

We had a wonderful time. Every aspect of the trip was an adventure and Solomon was the perfect guide - never, ever getting in the way of our experience and always enhancing it. We felt safe and looked after throughout and had so many metaphorical doors opened for us. Hailemaryam, the driver, was superb. Thanks for helping us with our trip and thanks for your wisdom and perspicacity in linking with Solomon.

Testimonial from David and Michèle Beverley

Can we thank all of you for the recent holiday in Ethiopia (4-23 March)? The organisation of this was superb and we cannot give too much praise for the exceptional way in which the staff on the ground aided us. Everyone arrived on time, all the flights and transfers occurred without problems and "the team" always had a smile, even under the most adverse weather circumstances. In particular the trekking team were brilliant; Mullat's knowledge about the flora and fauna of the Simiens was exceptional and his flexible approach to our needs was great. China 's reputation as a cook went before him: his appearance in a white chef's outfit on the first night had us in heaps of laughter, and his choice of menu etc was excellent. We had far better food than in the hotels when on trek. Other clients would definitely benefit from their presence in the future. Brehani, our scout was a kind and gentle man, always ready with a smile even though we had no language in common.

Our guides in Gondar (Johannes), Lalibela (Hash), and Axum (Tekle) were all very knowledgeable and again showed a flexibility, which enabled us to get the best out of our holiday.

Once again, thank you. We will certainly be recommending Solomon Berhe to my friends and colleagues who may want to follow in our footsteps.

Highland Coffees is an old friend of Solomon Berhe Tours. Like Solomon Berhe, we too have an interest in the flora of Ethiopia. We buy and roast the best of Ethiopia's Arabica coffee and wish to see the coffee bearing forests protected.

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