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Welcome - We provide tours and trekking in Ethiopia
Solomon Berhe Tours is a professionally run company based in Addis Ababa with an English agent in the U.K. Our aim is to provide tailor-made tours of Ethiopia to suit the needs of individual clients. We have over ten years' experience in guiding visitors to Ethiopia. An expertise in all aspects of trekking, historical tours, bird watching tours and trips to the Tribal areas of The Omo ensure that all our clients receive the very best service and advice.

Our company policy includes a concern about the environment and about the impact of tourism on the lives of the local people living in the areas visited. This is particularly important in the Tribal areas of the South of Ethiopia such as The Omo. We work together with the local community whenever possible so that our tours have a positive effect upon local life. Such considerations result in a far more enjoyable experience for our clients.

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